Mystery Module Legal Protection

To ensure that residents always have access to the right assistance, good collaboration between municipalities and socio-legal partners is essential. In collaboration with Divosa, Justice42, together with Muzus, developed the Mystery Module Legal Protection. The Mystery Module is intended for everyone working in municipalities in the field of socio-legal support, including professionals in execution, policy advisors, and managers both in municipalities and in social and legal organizations.

In the Mystery Module, you can listen to and read various experiences of residents and practitioners. Together, you unravel the mysteries and discover how robust socio-legal support is provided.

There is also a physical mystery module! This includes ten different cases with experiences from residents and practitioners.

Is your municipality or organization already working on making socio-legal information, advice, and support clearer and more accessible for residents? And do you want to know how legal protection can be made even more robust? Or is it a new initiative, and would you like to make a good start? Explore what robust legal protection entails for you through everyday cases. Engage with the Mystery Module on legal protection and discuss what can go wrong – and what can go well – for both residents and professionals.

This way, you become more aware of what a resident needs and to what extent the socio-legal support offered in your municipality aligns with those needs.

The Mystery Module is part of the Guide ‘Getting Started with Legal Protection’. Legal protection – (socio)legal information, advice, and support – should be available to everyone in the Netherlands, regardless of where you live or what your situation is. However, the offering is very fragmented, and not all residents know where to turn for what. That’s why Divosa, together with Sociaal Werk Nederland, developed the guide ‘Getting Started with Legal Protection,’ full of practical examples, mysteries, and building blocks to strengthen local legal protection.


This project has been completed. The Mystery Module and the guide ‘Getting Started with Legal Protection,’ to which it is connected, were launched during a meeting on December 12, 2023.


Justice42 carried out this project in collaboration with Muzus on behalf of Divosa.

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