The online divorce platform

In 2017, Justice42 launched With this online divorce platform, Justice42 takes the lead in the Netherlands to make the divorce process more accessible and help couples separate amicably. We do this by providing an online environment where you can create your own divorce agreements with your former partner, using plain language and without complicated legal terms. You will receive unlimited personal guidance from a case manager. Additionally, you will be supported by a specialized lawyer.

How works

People going through a divorce are guided step by step through the process of creating agreements together. The emphasis is on de-escalation and taking control of the situation.

We measure the social impact of We do this by using a method called Social Return on Investment (SROI). Continue reading about the social impact has (in Dutch).


We work together with a network of participating lawyers (mediators) throughout the Netherlands. Through the Legal Aid Board (Raad voor Rechtsbijstand) and the Ministry of Justice and Security, has its own scheme for funded legal aid for clients with lower incomes.

To provide tailored support to clients during the divorce process, also collaborates with financial and pension experts, as well as the National Support and Maintenance Agency (Landelijk Bureau Inning Onderhoudsbijdragen or LBIO).

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